Saturday, May 12, 2007

Secret Recipe Kuching

First Secret Recipe in Sarawak Reviewed

Last weekend I managed to review another new food and drinks venue in Kuching. It is appropriately known as the Secret Recipe. From their website I discovered that they have many outlets in Malaysia (said to be famous in Kuala Lumpur) and also the Asian region - Singapore, Thailand, Phillipines and China.

If you go along Jalan Song Thian Cheok, you can't miss it as it is just across the former Upwell Supermarket (another landmark nearby is across the Malaysia Airlines Building) in Kuching

The deco out front looks mouth watering with the pictures of the Fusion Menu being displayed

You will recieve a rather attractive menu upon getting a table - and I do recommend that you do not get distracted by the pictures of the delicous food there (do try to look at the price too)

The internal deco again is also quite attractive - the place is quite full most of the time. Its either that this place is really famous or that the Kuchingites love trying out new venues for their meals

It seems that they are the best in some of the cateories they mentioned in the banner dispalyed behind the cake counter

Really yummy view of the pastries being displayed

The cakes in the refrigerators

Various assortment of cakes to your choosing

The Cheese Cake being examined throroughly RM5 ++

The Lasagne - I just pronounced it 'Laksa' so don't get confused (RM11 ++)

Chicken Mushroom Rice - The difference of course with the other Chicken Mushroom Rice in the other food outlets may be the price. This one is about RM12++

Curry Mee with Seafood is about RM14 ++

Chicken Kebab Rice comes at RM12 ++

Smarties Treat Ice Cream comes at about RM8 ++

The Frosty Lemon tea costs around RM7 ++

So here goes Nadai Name's ratings for Secret Recipe:

  • Set up: The environment is pleasant and if its a hearty meal you are looking for - this is the place for just that
  • Pricing: For my standard its quite on the 'high' side. Add in the other dishes ordered the bill for 4 person was about RM105 ++ (So its about RM25++ per person as it came with the cakes and ice cream)
  • Halal status: The website indicates Secret Recipe is a Halal outlet.
  • Other Remarks: At peak period its not a place to hang out as it will be full of people and if you do care to check the entrace to the wash room (or toilet) the entrance is rather narrow. I would not want to sit near the entrance to the wash room too - it will spoil your appetite
  • The place is fully air conditioned but I guess the seats outside are for the smokers though I do recommend that if you do smoke - please try to stop (Tak Nak!)
  • Staff friendliness: Well trained staff (try not to look in their eyes when you look at the bill. I guess they want to see whether you are going to have the surprise of you life). But if you wish to amuse them - pretend that you are having a heart attack. If you wish to be macho just throw your credit card in between the bills and tell them to keep it.


Blogger Pierce said...

Have you read my post on Secret Recipe on my blog?

13/5/07 10:00 PM  
Blogger Desmond said...

Pierce - indeed I have and for Sarawak standard its nice as I have not tried the KL one...u see i can afford to eat in that kind of place once a month or two :) hehehe...

14/5/07 12:01 AM  
Blogger Uchu Keling said...

Poor us in Miri.. we only have Coffee Bean and soon Delifranc.

I hope to add to your blog soon. Aderrr ura2 going on the hotel food tasting run.

17/5/07 2:32 PM  

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